Decorative concrete kerb edging running along a Concrete Driveway

A small half circle driveways appearance has been greatly improved with the addition of our decorative concrete kerb, which was used to separate the driveway from the existing garden beds.

sloping border concrete kerb

The above concrete kerb was also used to redirect the run off rain water, to a more convenient area of the property, and stop the garden from being water-logged.

Concrete driveway edging sloping border profile shape with charcoal colouring and a slate finish.

The above photo shows our concrete driveway kerbing sitting on a concrete drive. The area on the lawn side will be transformed into a garden bed for flowers and various plants, this will make for a very pleasant entrance area for this home both for the home-owner and guests who visit here.

You also can greatly improve the appearance of your homes entrance area, with the addition of our concrete kerbing.
Please contact us right now, and we will be able to discuss your driveway requirements and also arrange for an obligation free quote to be done on your property. It never ceases to amaze me at how nice the finished jobs are. I feel you will agree with me as well from the images you can see above.

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