A flower bed border separates this Garden and Lawn Area at this property located in Frankston, Victoria

The photo below shows the brick edging finish coloured with Dark Terracotta and using a black release finish with a deep Flagstone impression.
This concrete border is used to complete the brick edging look for this property. A slight wave is also incorporated in the flower bed design, its primary function is to separate the garden from the lawn area.

Flower bed edging can be used on New or Established gardens like this Endeavour Hills property


There are many different ideas for using our extruded concrete kerbing in your garden, a nice example is shown in the photograph below of a garden tap surround. This is a very effective way of lowering your maintenance activities by eliminating the need of a very tricky are to mow around, and at the same time creating a simple feature in your garden, add some mulch or river pebbles and a flower or two and you have removed that eyesore a tap in the middle of your garden creates.


Concrete Garden Edging around this tap

You have an idea for the layout of your flower beds and not sure if you can use existing features such as this rock? As you can see we can blend your design idea easily into your garden border between your lawn and garden area quite easily.


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