Completed gardens are generally represented by the garden lawn edging.
Walkways provide a crowning glory to your garden. Depending on their design, they are able to visually unify or divide a garden and invite visitors to follow wherever they lead. A well-built, well-designed walkway combines beauty and function, whether it's a mulched path, a number of stepping stones, concrete, brick, or stone.

lawn edging along a pathway

Concrete lawn edging is rapidly being selected as the most popular method for lawn edges and gravel pathway borders.
Its flexible nature allows conforming to the curves of your lawns easily.

If a new garden is to be created with a concrete lawn edging.

Its best to pre-plan in advance to allow for the growth of your selected plants.
To See how it will look before any work has commenced, test the lay Out of Your Border edge using string, or a flexible rubber garden hose, this will help you visualize the way it will appear, coming from a number of different angles and you can make informed adjustments as necessary. It is much easier to get this done in advance, rather than after its laid.

Path created with cocrete lawn edging

You have several options for use for your lawn edging border.

Each featuring its own benefits and drawbacks. Natural edging materials include plants, piled rocks, mulch, and wood, brick, stone, and metal or plastic strips.
Concrete Curb on the other hand, will last much longer and be cheaper in the long run.

Excellent communication skills is something often overlooked when choosing a curbing contractor. This is extremely important in understanding what you want to convey to them. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to tell someone who clearly isn't really interested in your ideas for your landscape project.

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