The design possibilities are endless using our concrete kerb for your garden edging.

The example below shows a pathway made with our Kwik Edging extruded concrete at the Sydenham Primary School, surrounded by a yet to be laid garden. As you can imagine, this will be a magnificent flower garden with our concrete garden edging as its border.


Lots of curves used in this design to produce a wonderfull flower garden experieince

Our extruded concrete garden edging is ideal for your next Landscape project:
Whether its a simple Garden Bed requiring a mowing strip, or a Driveway needing a border edge, our extruded concrete kerb is the ideal solution for all your needs.


Sydenham Primary School

When the rest of the landscaping is completed the primary aged students will have a wonderful area to explore and enjoy at the Sydenham Primary School.

If your School is contemplating adding a flower garden border made with concrete edging, then please contact us first to discuss your concrete kerbing requirements, you will be quite surprised at how affordable our system of laying flower bed border edging is, and the cost of colour and patterns is almost negligible on the overall cost.

All our written quotes last for 6 months, so you have plenty of time to compare and discuss various planning details with your schools committee.

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